Eleven Years

Eleven years ago today, we had the big family wedding we wanted to make our commitment to each other official in the eyes of religion and law (and I’m grateful that we are allowed to do that…wish that was true for all humans in our world.) It was a pretty ceremony, a great party, and filled us with warm memories as we began a new part of our life together. Every year when the bluebonnets pop up, we hear from family & friends both far and near. What a great-and-unplanned benefit to our beautiful wedding flowers! This year, the roadside bonnets are holding their own in large patches surrounded by the Bastard Cabbage. (Yes, that is its real name!) Even though it’s invasive, I can’t bring myself to hate the cabbage…the yellow blossoms are another reminder of our “perfect” day full of mayhem and mishap.

Austin is thriving with about six festivals/events today, and we considered attending two of them, but it just didn’t work out this time. Between traffic and parking, it’s just not worth the hassle. So, we’ll be avoiding downtown.

Don’t know where we’ll end up today, but it won’t matter as long as we’re with each other.

Happy Anniversary, E!

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