Gonna Get ‘On the Road Again’

Guess where we’re going this weekend? That’s right, Bryan!

We’ll be holding a

Moving Sale

We need to get rid of some furniture we don’t want to keep/store. Hopefully, we’ll sell enough stuff to be able to rent a smaller storage unit or one that isn’t climate controlled.

So, stop by Saturday morning if you need any of these things:

  • coffee, sofa, and 2 end tables
  • couch (hide-a-bed, one corner of torn fabric)
  • wooden office cubbies
  • dresser
  • long, black “crafting” table (one draw is broken)
  • 2 bookcases
  • heavy duty extension ladder, one of the long ones
  • microwave (super nice)
  • birdbath
  • fishing poles
  • unbuilt models
  • CDs
  • end tables
  • Halloween decor
  • Christmas decor
  • Aggie tshirts
  • 8’x12′ bound carpet/rug

I’m sure we’ll find more.

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