Successful Moving Sale

Well, our moving sale was a big success. By estimations of “stuff” in the driveway, we got rid of about half of it. We sold the dresser, the coffee/sofa/end tables, the craft desk, the bookcases, and a bunch of smaller things, too. E’s mom came over for a while, and we got to hang out with Jessica some and even see Casey for like a minute. We even got to see one of my brides and her mom who were sprucing up a new first grade classroom in Bryan!

At the end of the day, we were both exhausted. I was also in quite a bit of pain from head to toe. Still, it was worth getting rid of all that stuff and finding new room/space in our lives.

The next phase is for me to go to Bryan for a couple of days and pack the remaining stuff. Then, E will join me with the moving truck to take all our remaining stuff to Austin (to a storage unit.) That gives us a weekend before closing in case we need extra time for any projects. Hopefully, we’ll get to spend that wekeend in Austin just hanging out in our town.

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