A New Car!

We just left the Round Rock Scion dealership with the first part of the paperwork and a new car on order! We haven’t had new vehicles since 2000 when our’s both died at the same time. (And, by the way, two new vehicles at the same time is not as much fun as it sounds.) Our experience at the dealership has been great.

We should have a new Scion xD in 2-4 weeks. In the mean time, we may try to sell our truck for more than they were willing to give us. It should be pretty hassle-free since we can list a firm price on it and communicate only by email. No phone number/calls. No haggling. We’ll see if we feel like messing with it even for that much. The dealership gave us a pretty good deal, so we’re ok either way.

In absence of any “cool” colors, we chose silver. White just seemed plain and the other colors were all very dark. It’s just too hot in Texas for a dark car (or leather seats), but manufacturers seem to think that “everyone” wants both of these.  Scion is a good brand for us because you just pick the parts/pieces you need/want and pay the listed price. There is no haggling, no running off to “ask the manager”, and no stress. We added on some practical stuff, like the sound package, and some fun stuff, like the interior neon lighting.

Here is the one we ordered…

image from Scion of Danville

image from Scion of Danville

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