Sosta Update

Sosta had surgery today. E is calling her the Thousand Dollar Kitty because that’s about what we’ve spent so far. 🙂 Ahhhhhh, the price of love….

They took the big lump on her belly and two more smaller ones that had developed in the mean time. The addition of more lumps is a bad sign. It’s probably cancer and not a cyst. 🙁 But, since she was at the vet just 2-3 weeks before the bigger lump appeared, we know we caught it early. And, a spread down one side of the abdomen is not uncommon.

Except for being groggy from the drugs, she’s doing fine. She isn’t supposed to jump but it’s not like we can keep her from it, and she seems to have no problem getting on the bed or sofa.

Our next step is to wait for the extensive lab work on the masses themselves and hope that the test results show very early stages and indicate that the surgeon found/got it all.

While she sleeps off the anesthesia hangover and wanders in a woozy state, we are playing with our new mobile phones (we both got the Rogue on Verizon) and seeing what the last two years of tech has added to mobile phone technology.

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