@ll’s Twitter updates for 2009-09-24

  • Great story!n RT @E285 Here’s a story about Miami’s football coach: http://bit.ly/1V3H9C #
  • @mherzber I’M so sorry to hear that! Hang in there! #
  • At the vet for Sosta’s infection from her surgery. They are doing hydrotherapy on her belly/scar. Poor kitty! Hang in there, Little One! #
  • Sosta kitty now has antibiotics and pain meds “on board”, and Purrrrrl is making fun of her clown collar. #
  • @stealingsand Thanks for the pic. The belly wash and drugs helped a great deal. With the pain med, she’ll mostly sleep. #
  • @stealingsand Oh I’m definitely more upset than she. Oncologist gave her only a few months left. It’s killing me. #
  • @mherzber YAY! You’ll love living in the Grove, of course! Is the raw bar still there? LOVED that place! #
  • @mherzber YEAH! Oh, the memories! #
  • @wieghatt whoo hooo! Austin! 🙂 #
  • . @E285 on phone w/ Time Warner Cable. I’ve heard him give them our deets (address/phone/last 4 of SSN) no less than 3 times. :: sigh :: #

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