Stitches Are Gone; Another Tumor

Sosta got her stitches out this morning. Her scar has healed nicely and she was freed of the Elizabethan collar at the same time. She’s a much happier kitty, now.

Upon looking at her scar this morning I saw what I though was another tumor. While I’m not a vet, the lump seems exactly like the other three that she just had removed.

Days ago, our vet agreed that we had made the right decision to just keep Sosta as comfortable and happy as we can. With the immediate return of another tumor I know that we and she are right. Otherwise, she’d be having back-to-back surgeries and weekly chemo. It’s not what I would want for myself without a greater chance of beating it altogether.

So, for now, we spoil and love and hold her as much as we can.

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