Sosta’s State

Several of you have asked after Sosta. We appreciate it! I just wanted to give a quick update.

She seems to feel just fine. Her only behavior change is that she is now my own personal play-by-play when I’m at home. I can’t leave any room of our 2/2 apartment without her following me. Wednesday, I took ~10 steps to move something from one room to another and when I turned around, she was there. I try to tell her to stay put and that I’ll be right back….but she follows me, anyway.

The lump on her belly seems to be stunted in growth in some way (knock on wood). It seems quite a bit smaller than it was when she came home from having the stitches removed.

We are spoiling her like crazy and she’s taking full advantage. She’ll beg for wet food and climb all over us until she can find the blue “woobie” afghan that I crocheted a couple of years ago. (It’s usually resting across the back of the couch.)

Anyway, she’s doing quite well given her prognosis. I’m glad to have the extra time with her. I hope the last few weeks of my life are as decadent.

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