Happy Thanksgiving

thankful for:

  • E and especially the many ways he shows his love for me
  • Sosta and especially that she is still with us and extra especially that she seems to feel just fine
  • Purrrrrl and especially that she helps me take care of Sosta
  • Turtleor and especially his cute expressions
  • both sides of our family and especially their understanding that we couldn’t make it to Thanksgiving this year
  • reasonable health and especially that I seem to be fighting this cold well
  • Netflix and especially the instant queue
  • our move to Austin and especially that this town has the kind of personality that suits us
  • Weenie’s Warriors #AwTwX and especially the wonderful impact it has in helping me set and meet goals for AYW
  • Twitter and especially that it connects me to people who inspire, challenge, and support me
  • humor and wit and especially the ability to appreciate those characteristics in others
  • our cute little Scion xD and especially its very quiet ride
  • and many, many of the little things in life…

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