Mind in the Gutter

So, today on Twitter (and through either Foursquare which I play or Gowalla which I’d play except it crashes my phone), a guy I’ve met like-two-times-in-really-crowded-environments-&-he’d-never-remember-me situations posted where he was. He was Black Friday shopping at Toy Joy.

What? Did I read that right? Toy JOY? TOY Joy?

Did he just say that out loud? Does his mom read his Tweets?

Now, if you had the same dirty reaction I did. You are hereby compelled to let me know. It’s only fair to the humor of this all.

I totally thought he was publicly announcing that he was shopping at a sex store.

So, after two of these tweets (http://twitter.com/whurley/status/6132442015 and http://twitter.com/whurley/status/6124920084), I was really perplexed…until I remembered the store he’s talking about.

It really is a toy store that adults also like. Many of the games and toys are vintage. Some are educational-worthy. Others are simply geared for grown ups. But it’s not a sex shop. It’s a really cool only-in-Austin game and toy store. Toy Joy website.

So, thanks for the laugh, Whurley! (and let me know if you happen to stumble across this little anecdote of my silly life).

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