Ben Lerman Show

His name is Ben Lerman and he plays the ukulele.

Because I listen to Keith and the Girl, I knew of Ben Lerman and his melodic-with-a-ukulele genius. Ben has some great stories that he has turned into song. He also does the occasional cover song that fits his shtick. His material is NSFW (not safe for work), but this post on our blog is.

We arrived early and had a drink (and I worked on a couple of Christmas gifts); that was the best decision of the night. We took the best seat in the house, the couch. A few minutes later, another couple arrived and when they rounded the corner, said, “oh, someone is already sitting on the couch.” So, we made room and invited them join us. That was the second best decision of the night! Fositi, Shane, (and later their friend Chris who joined us) were hilarious and kept us in stitches until Ben’s show. They were all there to see the band that Ben was opening for.

When they asked me about Ben, I didn’t really know how to describe him except that he’s a great comic and his tag line: “My name is Ben Lerman and I play the ukulele.” I hoped that they wouldn’t be disappointed.

Before Ben took the stage a couple of tiny acts did a couple of numbers each. One even played the ukulele. I thought it was a little like stealing Ben’s thunder, but he took it all in stride and thanked all the performers by name when it came his turn….and then he blew them all out of the water!

His first song, “My name is Ben Lerman and I play the ukulele,” made us all giggle. But just one song in and our laughter was boisterous. If Ben is going to be near you on his tour (Texas, California, Colorado, New York), you simply must make an effort to see his show. He has some great stories and songs and is a genuinely nice guy who wants to meet his fans. I promise you’ll have a great time.

The super-best part is that we made new friends in the process.

please forgive the poor quality phone camera
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