Second Day of Christmas

On our second day of Christmas, we:

  • sleep in just a little (until about 9am),
    and then
  • Mom finished a few meal and gift preparations
  • E ran all the virus and software updates on her computer and got the printer working, again,
    before we headed “over the river and through the woods” (not really) for a
  • noon meal for the five of us (L & E, L’s mom, and her parents) at the grandparents’ home, at the dining table, with the fancy dishes,
    and then we shared
  • gifts with the grands,
    and then went
  • back to L’s mom’s for our nuclear gift exchange, playing with Roxi,
    and a bit of recovering from a busy day
Southern relish tray

L's grandmother's Southern relish tray (embellished by E)

Xmas 2 tree 2009

the 2009 O'Brien Christmas tree includes L's mom's Baby's First Christmas ornament up top. It's red, so it matches her hair!!! LOL

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