Candlelight Vigil

Last week’s #ATXplanecrash hit close to home, literally. It occurred just a couple of “highway” blocks south of where we live. I was home, never heard a boom, and didn’t see any smoke.

Twitter was our source for information. I learned of it first, there (just like I did of Michael Jackson’s death) and Re-Tweeted significant information so that our friends would see it, too.

It was a bit surreal and resurrected tragedies in my life—the Paris tornado (1982), Hurricane Andrew (1992), Aggie Bonfire (1999), and yes, the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks—only on a much smaller scale. The day’s news blurbs via Twitter and local network streaming were even a little reminiscent of the Columbine tragedy.

Tomorrow night, our friends—@kimhollenshead, @LAR, and @bennrosales—are hosing a Candlelight Vigil in memory and honor of those affected. True to the open-minded and welcoming style of Austin, it’s a secular not-quite-“Kumbaya”-but-with-that-spirit event that is designed only to bring the community together in the aftermath of a tragedy. If you are in Austin, please join us:

#ATXplanecrash site
Candlelight Vigil
BYO candles
across 183 in the Gateway Lawn

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