No Longer a Fan of Spring Condos


Last fall, when we took a Condo tour with the GoodLife team, we loved Spring Condominiums. They were large enough to have all the amenities we wanted and the layout of their units was the most efficient and useful.

So when we were invited to their Grand Opening, we were excited. E had to do some stuff to a few servers, so I went on my own with the hope that he’d be able to join me later.

Terrible Event

Five minutes in, I was miserable. The party was full of snobs…and not just any snob, but the type you can tell from across the room. I texted E and told him that the party better get a lot better real fast, and we made plans to meet at home instead. The party planner did some things that were just wrong. Tent poles at the outdoor pool were smack in the middle of doorways. Food was tucked in a tiny corner doing such disservice that I had none and only know who catered because I was told ahead of time. The photobooth—a real booth, not a photographer with a backdrop—was all alone in the gym. They had moved machines and equipment against the walls, so there was plenty of space in there…but no people.

I don’t even know how many times I was stuck in a door or hallway or corner because people were so self-centered that they didn’t walk through the door or would stop to chat dead center in the hallway.

So, it was a terrible event. I wasn’t there 30 minutes, which is annoying after a 40 minute drive in “rain traffic”. But that’s not why I’m no longer a fan.

I Hate Snobs

One sales agent was a snob. Maybe she was mirroring her audience.

I didn’t seek her out. I buzzed through the party on the 5th floor, had my personal bubble poked waaaay too many times, grabbed a glass of wine, skipped the food corner, and headed up to the models on the 25th floor.

During my self-guided tour, I didn’t bother anyone. I didn’t keep the sales agents from schmoozing and wooing immediate buyers. I kept to myself and looked around. In the fall, we saw so many units (at four different condos) on the tour, and I wanted a reminder of the Spring ones more specifically. Plus, I wanted to say hi to my friend who just started working for Spring and was hitting all the party spaces looking for her.

One sales agent and I waited for the elevators together, so she struck up a conversation. Turns out, she remembered us from the event the in fall. Good for her; I’m always impressed by people who can do that. I gave her our same line, “We’d love to live downtown,” and added “Spring was our favorite on the tour,” alongside some of the reasons we liked it best. I didn’t want to lead her on, so I joked “…when we win the lottery.” I guess that last line was too much for her.

When the elevator doors opened, she tried to escape the conversation with me, but I didn’t realize it, at first. I said I wanted to say hi to my friend who is their new event coordinator who I hadn’t yet seen at the party. She shot a jab at me, “Well, she’s probably working.” Really, bitch? Do I look or sound that stupid? I told her I would absolutely not keep her from her work, but only wanted to say hello.

How dare she (the employee) talk down to me (a guest)? How dare she act all peaches-and-cream until we are in view of others? How dare she assume that by “say hello” I’d keep my friend from working? I can wave and say hello…and then haul ass back to the car away from this terrible event. How dare she refer to my friend with a tone indicating she’s the hired help? Yes, that’s true in this case, but it was true of the sales agent, too….and it was not true of me.

In hindsight, I should have said, “I’m sorry. WHAT was your name?” in a tone that implied I’d be ratting her behavior out to someone more important. I don’t know her name (why weren’t the event staff wearing name tags???)

So. Terrible event. Terrible experience with a staff member. No longer a fan of Spring Condominiums.

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