How To Skydive – but you don’t want to do that!

During South by Southwest, one particular person was a complete jerk to a friend of mine.

After Twitter users “verbified” his Twitter handle (which is most of his online persona), someone saw fit to add it to the Urban Dictionary.

definition of "to skydive" on urban dictionary

“When someone who thinks they’re a celebrity treats you like crap. In actuality that person is probably just a douche with a blog or twitter account. Gets its name from @skydiver on Twitter, who infamously tweeted at SxSW 2010:

” “Because I’m Peter H….. Shankman,” that’s why I’m on the list!” And it worked to get us into a capacity party! #amazeditworked”
Don’t worry, I’m a nice person, I won’t ‘skydive’ you.”

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