Inhumane Itawamba

A Mississippi school board canceled prom because a senior girl wanted to take her girlfriend. Then they organized a “fake” prom (five seven students attended; it was reported that the other three two of them students were mentally disabled), while the rest of the students went to a secret prom organized by parents.

This is absurd! What’s next? Disallowing students of color? Oh, wait, they do that, too. Separate is not equal. We already learned that, in neighboring Alabama, in 1955! To treat a group of humans as though they are less worthy than others is inhumane. Constance didn’t break any laws or hurt anyone. She didn’t deserve to be rejected. The School Board and parents of Itawamba should be ashamed and embarrassed. What a calculated and cruel way to be a bunch of bigots.

I signed a petition to stand with Constance – and condemn the school board’s failure to treat its students with the respect and fairness everyone deserves.

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