Going Green

We’ve become a lot more eco-friendly since moving to Austin.

  • Our apartment complex recycling–and Austin’s in general–is a lot easier to use. So, we are dong that a lot more. It’s a huge visual impact we can make.
  • Oh, and since we live in an apartment, we use a lot less water and electricity.
  • Right after we sold the house last year, we traded in my gas-guzzling pickup for a little Scion..and more than doubled our MPG.
  • Since we are in a city of decent size, we are shopping from locally-owned businesses a lot more often. We tried doing this in BCS, but failed when we couldn’t get the things we needed. We are even getting some of food from local farms through Greenling.com. Locally-owned businesses put three times the money back into the local economy compared with chains. (No 18-wheelers full of junk driving up and down the roads, no corporate “take” on the monies, no advertising dollars spent in places like Hawai’i and Alaska who might not even get the products. etc.)
  • I’ve stopped eating meat and dairy. Not only does that have it’s own environmental impact, vegetables take less energy to produce and prepare. More on that, later.

Limes are green, after all!

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