The Cable Guy

Last week, our Internet speed was inconsistent, and we ended up with a tech call to have the problems investigated.

While the tech worked on lines and such, we chatted. He’s lived in New York and hasn’t been in Austin all that long. At one point, he was telling me about living in “this little bitty town…[in Texas]”

him: “…Franklin”

me: “oh, yeah!”

him: “you do not know where that is!”

me: “Yes, I do. We lived in Bryan before moving to Austin. E is a Bryan native.”

him: “Oh! So then you know why I moved to Austin!” [1] (He now lives here with his wife and two cats.)

me: “Yes, we moved here for the same reasons!”

us: LOL!

He was the nicest guy you’d ever want in your home fixing the broken Internet. I wish it wouldn’t have been creepy to ask him if he and his wife wanted to hang out with us (or the ChildFree group) sometime.

[1] I spared him any potential embarrassment for his comments and did not tell him how we have several family members working for Franklin schools. We are in agreement, so that’s all that matters.

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