MiniVacay to Wimberley Day 3

Day 3 was a relaxing “get back home” day for us.

After cleaning up the cabin and packing, we headed back to “town” for lunch. On the way out, E drove us over the river so I could grab these pics.

Water over the road...

Water over the road...

We tried the Wimberley Cafe for lunch. Good thing we were leaving because we’d tried all the good restaurants in the town! 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of vegetarian options; my veggie sandwich sans cheese was quite good. And, this was the WiFi hotspot of the town. Lots of folks were there to work.

Even though Lizzie had told us that the old store was only open on the weekends, E wanted to try to go see what she had described. Of course, it was closed, but the drive there was pretty. The Devil’s Backbone is the top of the ridge line with valleys on both sides. It’s quite pretty, even at this time of year. We drove on up to Blanco. We tried to find their buggy museum (as in “horse and” not as in “grocery cart”), but it wasn’t at the address we had and we didn’t care enough to look further. I guess we are pretty lazy tourists at times.

Just north of Blanco, we spied a “lighthouse” tower of some sort, so we drove closer and found a vacation rentals place that must have a fabulous view! Maybe that will be our next adventure…

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