Day 53 of #FleaFest2012

It’s day 54 since the fleas in our apartment were treated Today, I caught ten in the homemade flea trap.

I’ve grown weary of taking the vacuum canister to the trash dumpster on a daily basis. Today, after several days of similar, seeing that all the vacuumed fleas were dead–I dropped the minimal dust (when you vacuum daily, the dust is minimal) over the railing to the ground below. Don’t worry, I looked, first. Also, if our apartment management needs to learn to treat the grounds (which I have learned they are not doing), then so be their consequences. It’s far from a first resort, but they told us 14 days…. and it’s been more than 3 times that, by now!

At least we had a kick ass Austin No Kidding! Games Night in our new game room, sans fleas.

In the words of Bill Cosby’s routine, “I’m just sick….[and tired!]”

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