While my dear sweet great aunt worked most of my life for JCPenney, I hadn’t given it much thought for shopping for myself. Growing up in a small town, it was one of the few shopping options. As a young woman, everything was too “old” looking and didn’t fit me right, anyway. My grandmother still makes heavy use of the place, but was so sad to hear that they were doing away with the catalog; she doesn’t have a computer and won’t use the Internet.

I noticed their new branding, but only online since I rarely see any TV commercials.  The ones I did see later were quite cute, though. $15? no, $14.99? so, like $15? no, $14.99. repeat ad nauseam.

What got my attention was the bigots. Yep, JCPenney hired the successful, talented, and popular Ellen Degeneres to be their spokes person and a “million” (it’s never really a million, right?) moms got their granny panties in a wad with their control top hose. If not for their public discrimination and bigotry, I might not have given JCPenney a shot at my business. If my previous favorite, Kohl’s, hadn’t started to suck donkey balls, I might not have considered going anywhere else for any reason.

But these moms pissed me off enough to try, and I’m a fan. Each rack of clothing is clearly labeled and priced. There is no guess work or “shopping math”. (I like math just fine, but I’d rather do it for things that really matter–or even for fun–and not for an errand when I might be in a hurry or sticking to a budget.)  E needed some shirts for work and we left with a big ol’ bag of stuff for only ~$120. I basically doubled part of my wardrobe on that trip alone.

Here’s what I don’t get: how can anyone “hate” a whole group of people like that? These aren’t terrorists and even if they were, we don’t hate all of one race or religion because of a few. As it turns out those who are terrible enough to hate people are the same of ones dumb enough to put their name on a petition publicly advertising their bigotry.

Well guess what, bitches? I was able to shop in the peace and quiet of a store with a bunch of adult shoppers. There were no screaming brats wailing while too-tired moms dragged them from store to another. No one’s child climbed into my dressing stall while I tried things on. Finally, checkout was smooth and easy because of plenty of cashiers and no moms juggling the sextuplets and her coupons. #booyah Oh, and bliss.

So, give them a shot, they might make you a fan, too.

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