It’s that time of year, again! Already?

Today, E and I resurrected our picnic lunch. We make our lunches the night before and picnic at a park near his work for his lunch break. It’s a way to enjoy the nice weather and time together. Turns out, the park nearest to his work is the same one where we renewed our vows for our 10th anniversary.

Today, as we were pulling in, a woman explained to us that she’d just been robbed. She parked and was only ~6 feet from her car when someone ran up busted her window and took something valuable (I assume it was her purse.). There was glass everywhere and another lady was helping her call the police.

Yes, this is my annual pre-Christmas rant.

It’s the time of year when:

  • crimes, especially theft, skyrocket
  • people get depressed and irritable
  • traffic is the worst
  • we spend all our daylight hours at work
  • it’s a sad time of year for those who’ve suffered a family loss


Can we please have fall, first? I love fall, and I want to enjoy this fine and short-lived season. Can we maybe have Thanksgiving? Or at least Halloween before all the holiday bullshit starts to wear us down? ┬áPlease stop it, Chrsitmas! You have twelve+1 days (if you count Christmas Eve) set aside just for you. Quit being selfish and trying to take over November and October, too. It’s not a very Christian thing to do, now, is it?

Can you believe I’ve already been invited to two holiday parties? eee gads! Couple that with the one we’ve semi offered to host where people are starting to ask me about the date. yuk. Guess I better call to see if we can get the party room. Great, now *I’m* that person.

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