Austin Women Are Complex

I’m downtown this afternoon. I am going to work a college fair this evening to help represent the University of Miami. I came down early to have a snack before the 3-hour shift.

While on the train ride down, E texted how I was doing. This was my response:
Productive/happy, the complimented, then yelled at, then sad, then Pecan Porter happy, then frustrated, now on the way back to happy. Women=complex

Then, it occurred to me that this is funny & I should explain in more than (140-)160 characters.

Productive/happy. Armed with my iPhone, the WordPress iPhone app, & my bluetooth keyboard, I blogged for AYW on my way down.

complimented: As I walked from the train station to my favorite food trailer, I (saw two women here to represent OK State and) got a genuine compliment from a stranger who liked the flower in my hair. It’s orange, of course.

yelled at: a homeless woman with Tourette’s/similar yelled at me to give er a dollar and then called me a “bitch” with a “saggy mother fuckin’ ass” when I didn’t give her money. Technically, this is just wrong. My bootie is in pretty good shape! 🙂

sad: Miguel Is Cuban is no more. According to the staff at The Chicago House, he closed after SXSW ad is selling the trailer & his spot on Craigslist. I nearly cried at this news;; I was that sad.

Pecan Porter happy: 512 Brewing’s Pecan Porter. Enough said!

frustrated: I went to an old standby for my pre-college fair snack: Champions. Apparently, my powers of invisibility kicked in because I had to get pretty aggressive to be able to order. The bartender clearly prefers male customers. And, right now, she’s trading war stories with another bartender from another place who is in here before her shift. #classy

the way back to happy: the best hummus platter in the world: big bowl of hummus, feta, red onion, Greek olives, cucumber, tomatoes, and warm pita. I’d take a picture, but at this point in this blog post, it’s 1/3 gone! 😉

Since all of this happened in about an hour: Women=complex

Bonus: on the fashion front, not only are young women wearing patterned tights with shorts, they are now slathering glitter on, first. That takes “I didn’t feel like shaving” to a whole new level.

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