Miami in Austin

I’ve been quite proud of my Canes during this basketball season. Our only complaint is that people rank Duke highly in a year they don’t deserve it.

And now, my team is coming to Austin! I’m very excited!!! It all happened on St. Patrick’s day. And, BTW, Ireland’s colors are green, orange, and white…just like Miami’s!

At noon, we went to Cover 2 to watch the ACC Tournament championship. It was a great game: the “best [first] half of college basketball you’ve ever seen” according to one announcer. The hostess congratulated us on the way out the door. 🙂

We had St. Patrick’s evening plans with two other couples. (Together, we make up “Them!”.) So, while we had our first Irish drinks–whiskey and Diet Coke for me–the emails and calls started rolling in. Miami would be playing in Austin. Where did I want to host the pre-game party? What about all these other details? For about an hour, it was exciting and frustrating: thrilling that my Canes are coming to Austin; frustrating that they expect answers on a Sunday evening on St. Patrick’s Day! Still, it’s all take care of and we’re set to host the alumni and fans in our weird town.

When we got home from hanging out with Them!, E found us tickets to Rounds 2/3 of the Regional. (Miami has a bye for Round 1.) Today, he’s asking for Friday off.

My Canes are coming to Austin and I’m helping host the party! holy cow!

We’re going to the Big Dance! Our “elderly” team (23, 24, 25 year olds) has made history for our school: first ACC Season Championship, first ACC Tournament Championship, first trip to the Big Dance and a part to play in March Madness. And, if you believe Dick Vitale, we’ll make it to the Elite Eight!!! holy cow!

Holy. Cow! (batman.)

Oh, and our seats are way out of camera range, but my sign will read:




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