SXSW 2013

We didn’t do much with/at #SXSW this year. We did make plans to and attended #gdgt.

That was the same day as Circle Brewing’s birthday party. So we had beer (well, our friends and I had beer) and then took the train from there to downtown. On the way there, we stopped at Manuel’s Cuban trainer. If you are ever downtown, it is a must-try.

It was fun to go to a little mini-version of the Consumer Electronics Show and see some of the new tech devices. The wait in line was long, but it was an open bar once inside. When we left, the line was still just as long as when we went in.

The trains are running all day, instead of just during morning & evening commutes; in fact, I’m on one right now headed to the station closest to E’s job. We’re going to a Miami event at The Domain.

Anyway, so it’s very “spring break” feeling for us, but with a lot less #SXSW stuff than in previous years.

Who knows, maybe this weekend something will becon us toward that crowd/

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