Unpacking Ad Nauseam

I needed my computer. I refused to sort to find all the boxes labeled “office” and dig through them all until I found my mouse. Instead, I unpacked as much as I could each day until I found the box of “desktop” stuff. It was one of the last to go on the truck and one of the first to go in the garage….so it was one of the last to come inside.

So, while this isn’t really worth a blog update, it’s what we’ve been up to over the last few days.

At the same time, we haven’t curtailed our social life. After all, we still need a break from this kind of work? So, we’ve been busy.

  • Empty house preview with friends and then dinner. We had to show someone those pink walls IRL. The iPhone pics did not do them justice.
  • Austin No Kidding! game night
  • Superbowl – at home with the remote so pausing kept us from missing any of the game or commercials
  • Monday night knitting
  • two basketball watch parties for the #2-ranked Miami Hurricanes! Whoosh whoosh!
  • ANK! movie night
  • ANK! monthly supper
  • ANK! annual chocolate party
  • “Die Hardest” – E watched it. We paid for me to sleep through it all.
  • apartment walkthrough – complete with a genuine apology for the “perfect storm” that was our year, there. After all, most of it was stuff they screwed up. And, the big stuff (fleas!) is a shining example of where GreyStar should have done the right thing instead of sticking to their guns over contract language before we even had the question.

I’ll get back to catching up on email soon, I hope.




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