Unpacking Ad Nauseam

I needed my computer. I refused to sort to find all the boxes labeled “office” and dig through them all until I found my mouse. Instead, I unpacked as much as I could each day until I found the box of “desktop” stuff. It was one of the last to go on the truck and […]


Whew….an understatement. The “leak”? The dishwasher. yay! The dishwasher had a big pool of water sitting in the bottom of it. We don’t know how or why it got there, but the warranty guy turned it to a cycle to make it drain. …and all the water drained. It was like magic! To test it, […]

Weep for Seeps

It rained last night. Today, when I got to the town house, I found small puddles of water in the middle of the kitchen floor. Worrying that we had a leak, I checked the ceiling, the windows, the doors, and both the dishwasher and refrigerator. All were bone dry (even upstairs). In fact, the biggest […]

Small Projects

Today was quite busy, but noting much that’s photo worthy. I met the painters this morning so they could cut the hole for the cat door. I also finished cleaning the kitchen cabinets, the floor under the range, and the outside of the range, itself. (Next task here is to clean the burner grates, the […]


We have so many stories and plans to tell about our townhouse. While we wait for our new home to earn a name, I’m calling it #ANewHome so my Tweets make sense. We closed on the 28th. We took possession on 31st. We’ve spent the last few days deep cleaning (vacuuming air returns, cleaning grills, […]