Death to Popcorn

When we moved in, we didn’t hire the painters to knock down all of the popcorn ceilings. We just didn’t want to spend that money on that task at that time.

Turns out, we chose wisely. Spritz it with water, wait 10 minutes, and scrape it with a putty knife….and it falls to the floor in sheets larger than your hand.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have scraped all the popcorn upon move-in. Still, I’m glad I started it as as I was nearing the end of  “de-brassing” #DomaLuza.

It’s a huge change that is easy and cheap. It’s a little time consuming and a lot messy, but really anyone can do this to their own home built after ~1980. (If your home is older, read up on how to take and send in a sample to have it tested for asbestos. You may be either stuck with it or in for a proper abatement.)

First and second passes got just about half of the powder room.

Except for tiny bits along the crown molding, all if it is down. It’s about as messy as I expected.

Voilá! Clean and mostly prepped-ceiling.

Bonus! While I was in there, I noticed a tiny puddle under the water tank. Yippie. We haven’t seen the plumber in a few weeks, so I guess it was time. Luckily, it was a little DIY project this time (and not a new valve like 2 of the last 3 plumbing calls were)!

I have finished prepping the ceiling with a little help from E (because he’s better at caulking than I am). We have some leftover Kilz I’m going to try to use up. Now, I just need the weather to cooperate so the primer stays warm enough to use.

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