2014 sucked

2014 sucked

Daddy hated that use of that word, but it’s the most fitting. (Also, he was a bit too literal at times. He also hated “Life’s a Beach” because he thought it was just “Life’s a Bitch” in polite form instead of a xtian re-write to spin the whole concept positive. Parents can be so #duh at times.) Anyway, it’s the best word for 2014.

  • E’s mom fell at home and “burst” a vertebrae. Yes, that’s just as bad as it sounds. She’s been in hospital, rehab, assisted living, and memory care ever since. She’s run away from Crestview and has had a sitter for many weeks. In one of her AL stints, she fell again, and bonked her head so hard that she mimicked a stroke patient for a few days[1]. She’s doing much better, now, but we’ve been burning up the road between Austin and Bryan. At least I’ve gotten to spend time with Jessica (and even Angela W. one time) when we can make the calendars sync up with Mom and E’s D&D night.
  • My mom is the victim of an abusive relationship. It’s been bad for 3 years, but we found out this year. He makes her re-live a humiliation over and over again. He’s got a lot of his own problems–not the least of which being Daddy’s sudden/early departure from this world–, but that’s no reason to emotionally and physically abuse anyone. Ultimately, she has to be ready to kick him out. Until then, there is nothing anyone else can do to help. It’s a “book” that I will probably write one day. It will be like Savannah’s poems in the Prince of Tides: cathartic and telling. If you are looking to round 2014 with any charitable contributions of money, stuff, or time, please consider your local women’s shelter.
  • My grandmother is worrying herself sick over this. That is it’s own set of problems. She’s kind, gentle, and fragile….but strong. This is all too much for her at her age.
  • @KittyMarble now lives with Jessica. We had been trying to re-home him for a while. She needed another presence at home. Last time we saw him, he was supremely fat and happy. All critters should be lucky enough to live with her.
  • I “divorced” a couple of “friends”. Of course, they weren’t real friends or the separation would not have been necessary. They can take their barbies (figurative) & stinky trash (literal), and go home!
  • As is normal, I’ve gained more weight from all the stress. yay. dammit. Fuck the genes I inherited. To be fair, I took a big break from being vegan in 2014. I have spent the last few weeks working back into it. 2015 will be better. I tend to eat vegan at home and often eat vegetarian when out.
  • The cedar is already terrible in Austin. It’s going to be one hell of a season.

Some slivers of rainbows in the clouds

House and home projects are going well. They are so minor compared to the above, but we’ve rid the house of most of the brass and started to remove the popcorn ceilings, too. Painting the brass knobs worked well, at first, but a couple are already peeling off. Even with that, they look better than brass. So, we’ll replace a few here and there as we can/want. Removing the popcorn ceilings will be a major project for 2015.

Another personal project, in particular, has been huge for us. We’ve grown stronger as a couple (who knew that was possible??), and we’re on a path toward being better residents of our world. I owe E so very much for this; he works so hard to provide for us. I truly wish that every couple could have what we have. We are the luckiest couple I know.

[1] When E’s mom was mimicking a stroke patient, she mumbled gobs of stories at him. She smiled, laughed, and truly gushed over him. We couldn’t understand a single word, but we understood 100% of her meaning. She adores E down to her soul. Ever-patient as he is, he just held her hand and nodded as she mumbled whatever story she was telling. He is–as you all know–a Saint. She knows this ten fold. When we left her that night, I told him that in the off chance I should need him to be that for me, I knew he’d be perfect.

The Seven Year “Itch”

What is it about seven years that makes this a Wives’ Tale and even a movie? 2007 was also pretty terrible in a lot of ways. W.T.F.? I don’t care for this pattern. At all.





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