2007 in review

2007 whew!

What a mess (and bless) it all was:

  • AYW started off the year with three weddings in three weeks (one bride fainted during the ceremony and was too sick to stand for photos) and then the always-successful bridal show
  • We had our first garage sale since moving into the house in 2003 and got rid of a lot of stuff we didn’t need
  • One UNprofessional in the community reared his ugly head causing AYW to need to file formal complaints with several professional organizations
  • GAYla was roaring 20s theme “Mobsters & Molls” and we raised over $3,000 for charity
  • “REEX” started to get really icky really fast; a couple of employees filed complaints against our division director; it must have had some impact, because his behavior changed
  • We used our time off for Spring Break to put Pergo flooring in the 2/1 side of the upstairs; we’ll do the master, stairs, and living room, eventually
  • Easter brought us a rattlesnake; E killed it mid-strike
  • The LS memorial golf tournament was another disappointment in poor planning, but we were glad to see more prizes, more sponsors, and more money raised
  • Texas Photography School was “all that and more”; L learned a lot and brought home more ideas than she could implement; L was also flattered beyond belief by her instructors; it was an enormously rewarding experience
  • May/June brought another busy season for AYW: 5 weddings in 5 weeks, including the wedding of our nephew; L had to hire someone else to process images in PhotoShop
  • June also brought L a chance to work with another photographer in town; at first we were just learning from one another; now, we love the way we compliment one another and shoot almost every event together
  • We enjoyed the “national birthday party” for L’s grandparents and celebrated Independence Day with friends in Bryan, too
  • We were honored to attend (and help with) our dear friends’ wedding at the historic Paramount Theatre in Austin Texas; “At LAST” Kim & Lance said I do surrounded by the love and spirit of family and friends
  • Thanks to a new group of friends, we partied a lot this year: happy hours, Duke-themed going away party, Super-hero themed birthday party, Bar Golf combination birthday/graduation party, and we still made time for Luzaween and a casual and laid back new year’s
  • L hired a wedding album designer
  • Fall Homecoming was amazing; we raised $1,700 for both the annual scholarship and the scholarship endowment
  • Working for “REEX” got so bad/stressful that L took an extended medical leave of absence and was gone from the place for ~6 weeks; it took almost that whole time to readjust her sleeping patterns; she resigned the day of her return
  • Four days later, on Thursday, L applied for and was granted an interview for a Technical Writer job at StarVision Technologies, Inc.; she interviewed on Monday, went to her first meeting on Wednesday, and started full-time on Thursday—a mere week after the position posted; it’s already proven to be a simply wonderful place to work
  • After a year of trying to provide needs to a high-energy dog, we gave Indigo to a family with a teenager and some acerage
  • Due to L ‘sbah-humbugs, Christmas was taken care of 100% by E; he shopped and planned and wrapped and everything; on Friday the 21st, L’s mom sent an amazing video that really brightened her spirits and got her ready to enjoy the holidays, which we both did

2007 sucked in a lot of ways, I won’t lie. I am thrilled to see the UNprofessional leave town. I just as excited to be away from “REEX” and their drama (Google for news stories if you are bored). It sure was a rough year getting through it all, though.

2007 also brought some amazing opportunities (photography opportunities abound!), friends (Friday Drinking Club!), and family (one new niece-in-law and several new great nieces and nephews).

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