mmm Bop!


Ok, so there is a backstory that some of you have heard.

One day, when I was first working at “REEX”, my boss (and friend) Laine and I kept up with one another via IM. She streamed her music, so I could see what she was supposedly listening to at any point during the day. This gives you a lot of insight to a person. Since they can walk away from the computer at any point (and fail to hit the X “no do not play that song any more” button), you might also see some pretty random stuff.

So, one day the IM conversation went a little like this:

LLi (L has been an LL as long as I’ve known her, so she’s LL number one): [listening to: “mmm Bop!”]

LLii (I, LS married EL and became LL ii): “Are you really listening to ‘mmm Bop!’???????”

LLi: “huh?”

LLii: “Your IM status said you were listening to ‘mmm Bop!’. Is that really your style?”

LLi: “Oh. Gawd. No. WTF?”
(again there is some creative license going on, here)

So, since 2005, we have teased Laine about “mmm Bop!”.


Since we have new phones (mine goes both ways), tonight, E is updating the music on the card that goes in his phone. As he does so, he plays some of the tunes out loud.

One song, in particular was annoying and “stupid”, and I told him so.

He said, “this song? are you sure? THIS song?”

Then, I heard the chorus, “mmm Bob!”

OH! LLi! You make us laugh even when you and your big vocabulary aren’t here!

1 thoughts on “mmm Bop!

  1. Thanks to Yahoo! music jukebox, for as long as I live, all my education and experience will be distilled to that one fateful moment…

    In similar fashion, you are permanently embedded in my memory as the girl who misheard “misogynistic”!

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