MicroVacay April 2015

We needed to get away. After our best-laid plans to go to Paris for the “paperwork trip” failed, we made plans for another MicroVacay. (If a vacation is a few days, and a mini vacation is a weekend, then we consider a day trip without an overnight stay to be a micro vacation.) We went to Marble Falls where we found even more stuff to do than on our previous visits.

our view

bluebonnets were thick along the roadsides…

…and out in the fields, too.

Marble Falls has a dalmation-painted fire hydrant.

99 bottles of beer on the wall.

This was my dream car in ~1993. I even wanted this color.

This view is atop a hill in Marble Falls next to a restaurant and event center.


“Stonehenge II” down below.

Moar! Blue! Bonnets!

Desserts: sundae for E, key lime pie for L

And, we did all of this in our new car (our 4th Mazda, zoom zoom!)! We went in for an oil change and they worked a miracle for us for a new one. We upgraded features for just a tiny bit more than we were already paying. Plus, we got a color this time (blue). The gray one just never worked right after its accident.

I’m calling her Bonnie (and did pictures early) in hopes of warding off any bad luck we had with Stormy (who never really got a name and who never got photographed until that chick ran into us at the red light and did $8500 in damages).

The drives were pretty. The patio enjoying was fabulous. The little shops/boutiques were wonderful. The walks/hikes were great. And we plan to go back in June for their adult soap-box derby.

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