Upcoming DIY at #DomaLuza

On the way to see E’s mom last week, I started a list of the things I* want to do next at #DomaLuza. It involves a lot of popcorn removal. It might be too much stuff for 2016, but it’s not a list of goals for the year, it’s a list of the things I want to do next.

  • Replace the missing drywall in the kitchen ceiling.Trim the tray in the kitchen ceiling. Prime and paint the kitchen ceiling (white). Rehang the kitchen lights.
  • Tear out that ugly wallpaper in the powder room. Prime and paint the powder room ceiling (white). Paint the powder room walls (yellow). Find new towels for the powder room (turquoise).
  • Make a giant L for the living room fireplace (another 13′ spot). Make a big turquoise vase for the hearth
  • De-popcorn the foyer/living room ceiling
  • De-popcorn the office ceiling
  • De-popcorn the jack-and-jill bathroom ceilings
  • De-popcorn the bedroom ceiling
  • Install styrofoam panels on the garage door to insulate it more. We’ll have the opener serviced at the same time to adjust for the new weight. Repair the tape/float joints in the garage. Paint the garage.
  • Purchase a rain barrel. Order/install a gutter out back. Since the HVAC left an old pad out back, we have the perfect place for it.
  • Sand/repair jack-and-jill bathroom walls; there are many bad spots from when cabinets and fixtures were changed. Repaint the bathrooms.
  • Build the headboard we want for the bedroom. Like this one except to match our barn door.

*This list is far from exhaustive. There are several other things I want to do to make the home better for us and better for resale (floors!). These are the things that I can do by myself while E is at work. These are also the things that are quite inexpensive while we pay down some of the 0% loan we have for the HVAC and dishwasher. I’m sure if I dug through my Pins, I’d find more stuff I want to do, but this is enough for now.

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