Game Night (board/card, not sports) Snacks

Every month or so, we go to Game Night with our childfree friends. This means, I struggle with what snack to take/share at least that often. There are several criteria: vegan/vegetarian items, something E likes, clean/neat foods that don’t drip onto irreplaceable cards/boards/pieces, etc. The problem is, searching returns ideas for:¬†“clean eating” (whatever that trend is), wings for “game day” “with the guys”, queso, goopy finger sandwiches, and copious amounts of dips and sauces.

So, in an attempt to corral some ideas we can rotate through, here is a list:

  • celery/carrots/broccoli/cauliflower/cucumber/mushroom with thick hummus (ranch is drippy, thick hummus is easier to keep off the games)
  • the HEB party tray with pepperoni, another meat, 2 kinds of cubed cheese, and crackers [1]
  • pretzels, peanut butter filled pretzels/crackers, chips without too much dust (corn/tortilla, not cheeto/dorito), cheezits[2]
  • popcorn that is seasoned but not buttered
  • trail mix
  • non-sticky candy: red vines, m&ms, skittles[2], Pocky, etc.
  • cookies, animal crackers
  • nuts
  • bite size: quiches, cheesecakes, angel food cake squares with cool whip[2]
  • “toothpick” foods:¬†tiny cherry tomatoes, olives, seasoned-but-not-sauced meatballs
  • berries, grapes
  • finger sandwiches (or tortilla rolls) made from these ingredients: turkey, cheese, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, seasonings, cream cheese–(without any mayo/mustard, tomato, or other slick fillings)
  • bite size pieces of beef jerky

[1] What we always take

[2] What I’m trying this month

This list will be a work in progress as I find more foods that work.

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