Paris & Salzburg

L and E traveled to Paris and Salzburg in June 2004

Our trip started out as a tag-along with another group that was going to England and Paris because they needed to fill their quota in order to keep their reduced ticket prices. After I started researching the trip I decided we should go see what we want to see and not limit ourselves to what the original group was going to do. Since L is from the second biggest Paris in the world, we had to go see the biggest one. Therefore, we spent four days in Paris and four days in Salzburg with a ride on the Orient Express connecting the two. Needles to say, we had a blast!

We left Bryan on June 19th to spend the evening with JJ & Becky (of Flower Mound). Our flight was not due to leave until the 20th, after lunch, so this was an opportunity for us to catch up with them. JJ was kind enough to drive us to the airport (over his lunch break) so that we would not have to pay the outrageous parking fees at the airport. This also allowed JJ & Becky to leave our car parked along their front curb so that the neighbor kid would stop parking his vehicle there.

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