Paris was very beautiful and had tons of stuff to do. We could have spent another four days doing things not yet done. The subway was a blast to ride making our passes extremely helpful. The Eiffel Tower was of course one of our main hot spots and was better than expected. We spent hours just walking around checking out the old buildings, people and city happenings. We met some friends (the original people we almost went to Europe with as described ont he opening web page) on the Steps of the Orsay as we were eating lunch. They had just finished spending a couple of hours in the museum and were ready for their own food. Funny how things go – meeting them unplanned and in a very large city. We spent about 30 minutes in the Orsay because L and I know how to speed tour. We saw the usual; Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Tall Black Building, Arch de Triumph, Louver, Orsay, on and on AND the unusual like Pig Alley. That is a cool place. Funny how in Louisiana you go to the French Quarter and in Paris you go to the Latin Quarter. Well, we went because when in Rome…….

The only thing that was not up to our expectations was the food. We were really disappointed because we figured everything would be pastry and frenchy. The best food we actually ate there was Italian – go figure. And, NO ICE. You would think that the ingredients to ice were under lock and key. If you got 3 cubes of ice, that was extravagant.

An excellent surprise for us were the bicycle tours (Fat Tire Bikes). It is run by an Aggie and he uses Aggies as tour guides. We went to Versailles and toured Paris through the narrow streets and sidewalks. Unfortunately, our camera started malfunctioning towards the end of our Paris trip so some things were not captured on digital-film.

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