Your Mom sends Texts

Here is a texting conversation between me, and let’s say, someone named Charlie: Jan 12 8:07am CHARLIE: Eww my finger stinks. What should I do? Jan 12 8:08am ME: Ask someone else to smell it. Jan 12 8:09am CHARLIE: Is that a paid service? Jan 12 8:10am ME: Kinda. They will either smell it or […]

New Specs

No, not the liquor store. I got new glasses today. It will take a couple of days to get use to them since they are progressive lenses. Believe it or not, I look even MORE smarter than I did with my old glasses. : )

‘Dork’ Release

Bitstrips is an upcoming comic strip creator that’s made the process of creating a strip pretty darn simple. I’ve come across a handful of services that aim to provide you with a simplified comic strip creation tool, but Bitstrips is the easiest and most social I’ve seen so far. Bitstrips is currently in beta, and was launched […]

Aggies on Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving Football For Aggies And Longhorns The Big 12 Conference and its television partners announced the 2008 Texas A&M vs. Texas football game will be televised by ESPN and the game will be played on Thanksgiving night. This marks the first time for the game to return to Thanksgiving since the 1993 game, which is […]


Salzburg was everything the pictures and movies show with the bonus of actually being there. We stayed in a ski lodge just outside of town (6km) so a bus ride was our mode of transportation to and from Salzburg. Staying in the lodge in the off-season was excellent. We practically had the place to ourselves […]

Orient Express – the real one

We traveled from Paris to Salzburg via the Orient Express. This was an overnight train that we boarded at 6pm so we had a little dinner in our sleeping quarters before enjoying the scenery. We were due to be in Salzburg at 5:30am and when we awoke at 6:30am thought we had missed our stop. […]


Paris was very beautiful and had tons of stuff to do. We could have spent another four days doing things not yet done. The subway was a blast to ride making our passes extremely helpful. The Eiffel Tower was of course one of our main hot spots and was better than expected. We spent hours […]