‘Dork’ Release

Bitstrips is an upcoming comic strip creator that’s made the process of creating a strip pretty darn simple. I’ve come across a handful of services that aim to provide you with a simplified comic strip creation tool, but Bitstrips is the easiest and most social I’ve seen so far. Bitstrips is currently in beta, and was launched at SXSW.
With drag’n’drop capabilities, you can start by creating your own character, or using one that’s in the vast Bitstrips library. Any characters created by others can be used by the rest of the community. You can modify things like facial expressions, clothing, panel colors, and of course text. Your completed comic can be shared across the web.

Click here to cycle through my current comic strips. Some are inside jokes, but then again, everything can be considered an inside joke to people with no sense of humor…

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