Your Mom sends Texts

Here is a texting conversation between me, and let’s say, someone named Charlie:

Jan 12 8:07am CHARLIE: Eww my finger stinks. What should I do?

    Jan 12 8:08am ME: Ask someone else to smell it.

Jan 12 8:09am CHARLIE: Is that a paid service?

    Jan 12 8:10am ME: Kinda. They will either smell it or pull it. They will not wash it though.

Jan 12 8:12am CHARLIE: Hmmm well maybe i should ask your mom then?

    Jan 12 8:14am ME: Sure…oh wait, your mom just rolled over in bed and said she would take care of it. Once she is through with her business though.

Jan 12 8:16am CHARLIE: What are you doing still in bed?

    Jan 12 8:16am ME: That is kind of personal. You should ask your mom.
    Jan 12 8:18am ME: Are you off today or just waisting tax payers maoney?

Jan 12 8:24am CHARLIE: I’m pulling into work, which if you are going to be my new daddy, you should be doing too and not lounging around in bed!

    Jan 12 8:26am ME: I have been at work since you started all this. I expect a super father’s day gift this year….

Jan 12 8:26am CHARLIE: Ass
Jan 12 8:28am CHARLIE: So ill see you at rosa’s around 11:45?

    Jan 12 8:29am ME: So, you started with smelly finger and end with ass. I think you have answered your own question. Yeah, we will be at Rosa, but closer to noon.

So, there ends another successful word exchange using modern technology.

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