2009…year in review

There were some rough years (2006-2008)

2009 had some sadness, too

the harassment continues…can you believe it? (for those who’ve lost count: 2005 was the beginning)

Daddy’s golf tournament was diluted to the point that his name was removed. “LS & HM P. Academic Trust Foundation Memorial Golf Tournament” is just too much to fit onto a t-shirt.

We said goodbye to Sosta in December. Her suffering was one of the hardest things either of us has ever endured.

…and we finally saw some light and goodness

We went camping on what started out to be a gorgeous weekend and turned out to be one of the coldest of the season…and LOVED every minute of it

L worked for our wedding fLst (Nan’s Blossom Shop) and learned so much about the floral industry on their biggest holiday

We held/hosted/sponsored the last BV QueSt GAYla….and went out with a bang and then some

L attended SxSWi and met a great group of non-profit professionals who work to better technology for those with physical impairments…and then came home to find a new/surprise 24″ iMac that E secretly ordered

L was honored to photograph the wedding of the younger brother-in-law of a dear friend

L served as a Wrangler for Texas Photography School, another honor to respect and treasure

We enjoyed the annual L Family Camping Trip for Easter weekend

L was selected to be the lead photographer for the wedding of another photographer’s daughter (…there seems to be a pattern here!)

We planned, hosted, & executed the 2nd annual (or at least let’s hope it is) “Neighborwoods Garage Sale” in the W-wood, S-wood, R-wood, & R-wood neighborhoods in Bryan

E got a new job with the Travis County Clerk

We moved to Austin

We live at Riata “resort”

L was privileged, One. More. Time., to photograph the wedding of the daughter of a campus “celebrity”

We found the Austin Child Free organization

We joined Dream Dinners

We sold our house in Bryan, with the help of a great RealtorĀ®, to a great guy…making the whole process easier

E made some fabulous friends at work, including a Longhorn with whom he can trade light/fun/gentle/silly practical jokes

L found the local alumni group for the University of Miami, a Crochet/Knitting group that is “off the hook” (pun intended), and her local Zeta sisters

We found a couple of board game groups and now play Settlers of Catan every month or so

L had the great privilege and honor to host a portrait session for two former students (yep, they met in the same organization) and their 2 children

L was selected to be a Wrangler for the Texas School of Professional Photography for 2010

L found time to resurrect her listening of KeithAndTheGirl.com (NSFW: not safe for work!)

L allergies (though worse in the summer) were greatly improved in the fall and controllable with a tincture and some light meds (so far) in the winter

L found—after months of looking for the right fit—some amazing business (and friend!) contacts.

E (& L) ran into a student worker-turned-friend (from his job at the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M) at an Aggie football watch party

E joined an online Dungeons & Dragons group (because his original live group got kicked out of their play place for a brief while and sought online options) and still gets to play with his good friends in “Bryan Station”

E planned an amazing mini-vacay for us to Fredericksburg; we stayed at an isolated cabin, rode our bikes, had massages, and even hiked to the summit of Enchanted Rock

L photographed her first true newborn: 7 days old!

L found out her Wrangler assignment for Texas School and is honored to be working with Robert Lloyd

L donated some portrait sessions to charity and photographed some kids for their Christmas cards and another family for Christmas gifts for grandma and had the “good problem” of being very busy near the holidays

E took L on a movie date (a first in a very long time) and, since we were in an adult theater, armed with break times from runpee.com, able to order food/drink, and close to restrooms, she stopped hating theater movies

We had the most relaxing Christmas we’ve had in several years, in spite of the additional travel to make all the rounds

The last night of 2009 brought a Blue Moon (once every 2.5 years), on New Year’s Eve (once every 19 years), that was also a Lunar Eclipse for Europe, Asia, and Africa

Our New Year’s Eve was legendary thanks to E finding a wonderful Italian restaurant and a fabulous fundraiser party to benefit The Blue Theater and Shrewd Productions

2010 has rolled in with a new spirit and energy that is indescribable

Happy New Year, everyone

2 thoughts on “2009…year in review

  1. Happy New Year, E & L!

    Settlers next time we meet, for sure. Cousin Camp may have at least one day in Austin.

    Love you tons and tons and tons!

  2. Ooooh, we’d love to see you for the Austin portion of Cousin Camp!

    We don’t actually own a copy of Settlers, yet (the online game is quite good), but we can go to the store and play their demo copy.

    love and miss you all….

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