I expect–nay demand–good sportsmanship from college and professional athletes and their fans. It is NOT acceptable that a Miami player punched a North Carolina player in the groin this year. It is NOT acceptable that Aggies vandalized the UT campus over the weekend. It is NOT acceptable that Tech vandalized Aggie buses earlier this year. […]

Why To Twitter

I love Twitter. I’m a little bit evangelical about it. As a result, I hear arguments. Most of them don’t hold water…like when someone claims to hate it but they haven’t ever tried it (which doesn’t apply in all cases, but certainly does in this one). I’ve also heard people say, “I don’t know what […]

“Go ‘Canes!!!” say the Aggies

Texas Aggies Will Yell for Miami Hurricanes to Win Got this in email today (from You Aggie readers should want Miami to beat FSU next Monday. History that Correlates Since 1997, there has been a direct correlation between the winner of the Miami/FSU game and the Texas/OU game. 1997 FSU 47 – Miami 0 […]

Aggies on Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving Football For Aggies And Longhorns The Big 12 Conference and its television partners announced the 2008 Texas A&M vs. Texas football game will be televised by ESPN and the game will be played on Thanksgiving night. This marks the first time for the game to return to Thanksgiving since the 1993 game, which is […]