A House Divided – Baseball Regionals 2010

For the last several years, our alma mater’s have played one another in some major team (and minor/individual) sports. We are both very good-natured and very respectuful of one another’s teams. We even hosted a living room full of Aggies for the year A&M went to Miami for football. The party was themed “Gig ’em, ‘Canes!!!” [1] After all, an ideal scenario is for our two schools to be #s 1 & 2 in every sport (and every academic subject, too) every year. LOL

This weekend was an amazing display of our camaraderie. I already had plans to host some friends for a wine tour with our apartment complex, so I knew I’d miss the first baseball regional between A&M and UM.

First, here are some little similarities between our schools.

  • Aggies “Whoop” | Hurricanes “Whoosh Whoosh” (Though, the ‘Canes do not use it in the same manner.)
  • While the Hurricanes use the “U” and Aggies often use the “T”, we both went to “M” schools, too.
  • Both schools have a very loyal student following to their sports teams.
  • Aggies pass back hand signs.  | Hurricanes hold up four fingers at the beginning of the 4th quarter to signify dominance of that quarter and stamina for the whole game. ‘Canes also have hand signs and chants(not all are family-friendly) we use for certain teams.
  • M-I, A-M-I, fight, Fight, FIGHT! | Farmers fight, Farmers fight! Fight! Fight! Farmers, farmers fight!!
  • We both have yells/chants during our fight songs.
  • Two-name towns with our own zip codes: College Station, TX 77840 and Coral Gables, FL 33146.
  • C-A-N-E-S, Canes! | A-G-G-I-E…Gig ’em, Aggies!
  • White is an official color for both schools.
  • Hand symbols: Aggies give a thumbs up to show “Gig ’em”.  | ‘Canes “throw the U” with both hands.
  • “It’s great…to be…a Miami Hurricane” | “Squads left! squads right! Farmers, farmers, we’re all right! ….”

While the similarities are small, they are meaningful to us.

So, when Saturday’s game started, E texted me his version of a yell for our teams. Stealing from a ‘Cane cheer, he wrote, “We’ve got some Aggies over here; Whoop whoop!” **swoon**; he really is the love of my life.

Miami bested A&M on Saturday, but A&M won on Sunday. So, we’ll see how Monday evening goes to see who gets to go to the Super Regionals. If only we can keep the lightening away from the Miami campus for one whole game!

Gig ’em, ‘Canes. Whoosh Whoop.

[1] I only had one rule for the Aggie alumni and fans: root/yell FOR your team, not AGAINST mine. I had to explain to one friend that “Beat the Hell Outta…” would not be tolerated and that I considered it bad sportsmanship. She disagreed and I told her she didn’t have to come over. But, in the end, she came to our party and yelled for the Aggies.

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