Our week in DFW was full of fun (well, for one of us, at least.)

Sunday-drive up. We got a late start, but got there just fine. The hotel next to E’s class building was really nice. The only thing we missed was a mini-fridge.

Monday-While E had his first day of class, complete with his first night of studying, I spent the afternoon and evening with J&B and their kids. What fun we had with games, and supper, and trains, and more.

Tuesday-While E took his first test, I spent the day with LH. She was on vacation before her new job started. We had a great day making Challah and prepping for Friday services and the meal that would follow.

Wednesday-While E studied for the 2nd test, I spent the day with S&B at their home in Weatherford. We worked on her blog, traded Photoshop tricks, and picked gargantuan veggies from her garden. Vine-ripened tomatoes! Yum!

Thursday-While E took his 2nd test, I had no plans other than some editing to catch up on. I was a pretty disappointed in my food and WiFi choices for the day. If Las Colinas is going to be such a corporate park—and with the construction of the Irving Convention Center complete with a light rail—they need to get with the times.

Friday-While E studied for his third test, I buzzed over to Fort Worth to hang with J. I edited photos while she worked the UP desk at her real estate office. Then, we went to lunch and then spent the afternoon co-working before she had to leave to meet clients and I had to leave to get back to LH’s. I met LH at her Synagogue and attended services with her. She then welcomed me and several friends into her home for a proper meal for Shabbaz complete with blessings of the bread and wine and washing of our hands. It was a wonderful experience; I checked something off my bucket list.

Saturday-E’s last day of class and final test. I spent a good deal of time editing, but also carved out some time for myself at the pool.

Sunday-We slept in, had a yummy brunch, and made our way back home. Purrrrl seems to have zen’ed all week; she was bothered that our home arrival interrupted her nap. Thanks to our friend C for checking in on Purrrrrl and Turtleor.

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