Day 1 of 30

So, today, I have done all of these things:

  • Getting Things Done” for an hour. My daily chore that is an attempt to clear my inbox and my desk. It means I’m adding to my todo list, but it also means I have a chance at finding all those receipts and doing all those forgotten tasks.
  • Exercised with J, Indigo, Buddy, and Samantha. We had a great run in the woods this morning.
  • more “GTD”
  • lunch with my sweetie (a healthy chef salad, for me)
  • finally designed an album for a client who had been waiting for months
  • picked up the living room (between Homecoming and the Bridal Show, it was a mess); tomorrow, I’ll clean it
  • planned dinner for E and me

…and that leaves the rest of my evening free to attend the Bridal Association of the Brazos Valley Board Meeting. Of course, I’ll spend half the meeting going to the restroom since I’ve had nothing but water almost all day.

I’ve decided to attempt to journal my progress in the hopes of motivating me to stay on top of things.

I feel motivated and energized.

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