Day 3 of 30

Of, course, something I should mention along the way is that there aren’t really going to be 30 days…I don’t know how many business days fall into the 30-day window. Also, I might do this on the weekends, we’ll see.

  • Getting Things Done
  • Walk with Jes and the dogs
  • Pick up a few things in our bedroom
  • Work on Jae’s bridal portrait
  • Work on Craig & MacKenzie’s third wedding album
  • Have lunch with my Darling
  • Plan commune
  • Sync my Treo to my Google Calendars
  • Update resume, “generic-ize” cover letter so it can go to ~anyone, apply for a couple of jobs
  • Getting Things Done (I can see the top of Daddy’s desk!)
  • Commune
  • Getting Things Done (I found the end of couple of piles!)
  • De-decorate Halo from Homecoming and unload the stuff into our garage
  • and a little more Getting Things Done….

whew! what a day.

E is at his softball game. They had the 10:15 time slot tonight, so I didn’t go. I have to take my insomnia medicine at ~9pm and certainly can’t drive after taking it. I hate missing two weeks in a row; I should be able to go next week, though.

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