Day 4 of 30

today was Pro Duc Tive! I love the feeling of getting a lot accomplished.

  • worked on the bridal portrait some more
  • “hiked” 1.33 miles with Indigo and Jes and Buddy & Samantha
  • Getting Things Done
  • errands
    • deliver the Parents’ Weekend gift certificate to Jule
    • take bicycle to bike shop
    • buy a people counter
    • return a tray to J squared catering
    • stop by our new Bead Fountain store
    • get an oil change
  • upload and order Jae’s bridal portrait
  • Getting Things Done
  • applied for 9 jobs on campus, thanks to E who filtered through to find some that might fit me
  • reviewed hate mail from a jerk who has yet to grow up; every step he takes make him look more and more immature and less and less qualified to work with people
  • set up for the Red Wasp Film Festival

Tonight, we are attending the VIP party and the first night of the festival with McKinley and Matt. I’m shooting the VIP party and the festival. It’s fun sponsoring such a wonderful event in our community.

I hope the weekend is just as good. I have a gig tomorrow in Caldwell and then the second night of RWFF, so it looks like it will be a fun weekend.

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