the most amazing dream

A few nights ago, I had a really, really cool dream. We were driving in the mountains waaaaay up north (Canada? Alaska?) where there is ice year-round. We were in some kind of national park. Along the drive were very distinct “borders” where the topography changed dramatically. First, was a rugged mountain. Next, the road crossed a body of water. Third, we found trees buried in snow. It was almost as if someone had designed this scenic drive like an all-your-eyes-can-handle buffet.

But that’s not the cool part. The road we were one was, except for the bridge, on the ground like any other road  Running along beside us was another road-like structure. It was supported by decorative concrete pillars like you see for many overpasses. Instead of running in a more-or-less straight line, the “road” dipped and climbed, bent and turned, twisted and curved in a beautiful ribbon-like wave as it followed the scenic road.

It gets better: the decorative “road” was made of ice. It was 3-4 feet thick and as wide as a 2-lane scenic road.

But wait, there’s more: large amounts of water ran down the road on all sides (but didn’t spill over the edges or fall to the ground) creating movement.

This structure was a piece of art, made of all natural materials and set in the park. It was simply breathtaking.

This is by-far, the coolest dream I’ve ever had. I wish I could draw it to show all of you.

So, if you ever see this “natural art” in the background of a mountain scene in a film, let me know; I’ll want to take credit for the idea!

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