Day 6 of 30

After a day of being away from the Internet, I spent about an hour Getting Things Done just catching up on the emails and tasks that came in.

So, here are my accomplishments for today:

  • sent Indi next door to play with Buddy
  • Getting Things Done
  • Wivagg family portrait session
    • butterflies abound at the Horticulture Gardens; I must make this an annual pilgrimage
  • Getting Things Done
  • mow our and Jes’ yards
    • (E edged and hung lights for Luzaween)
  • bathed Indi
  • lunch with my Sweetest One
  • applied for two jobs
  • Getting Things Done
  • tickled Luzaween guests to RSVP
  • updated my online resume to match the latest version and set re-directs to get there:
  • downloaded free fonts
  • inspired by Bryan Person, I started working on my social media resume
  • watched E play some Lego Star Wars on xbox (pretty funny to see Luke when he meets Yoda)
  • more work on the social media resume
    • see, I should be cleaning the house, but I’d rather play with my MacBookPro and HTML
  • dinner with E and Jes
  • Getting Things Done

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