Day 8 of 30

Well, last night’s sleep was good. It seems I may have just needed to catch up.

So, I got a fast start on my day and have taken full advantage of my time.

  • move Fall Homecoming decor into the garage, sorting as I go
    • Indi was tethered outside near me and got into something awful
  • hiked and walked with J and the dogs
    • Sam explored a little too far and found herself in the bottom of a creek bed; but, even at the incline and with her size, she found a way out
  • bathed Indi at the new Pet Spaw (with two baths in one week, he may think he’s died and gone to hell)
  • lunch
  • whirlwind cleaning to get stuff off the floor for Dan-o-mite Pest Control to come spray the house
  • we had to leave the house, so I took Indi to Dudley’s where we could both sit out on the back porch and I could get work done; he was quite the attention-getter and several people—including some friends—inquired about taking him into their families
  • BV QueSt Homecoming wrap-up at Koppe Bridge (yum!)
  • back to Northgate with J so she could have dinner and make a couple of Music Festival contacts

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