Day 9 of 30

Today was a whirlwind. Let’s see if I can remember it all!

  • Getting Things Done
  • walking with Jes and the dogs (LONG walk, today)
  • stretching
  • help Jes with some Halowe’en costume accessories
  • lunch with E and Angela at Chipotle
  • give Angela a display for a Silent Auction, get a check from an event (sweet!) and some new jewelry I had ordered (LOVE it!)
  • bank
  • grocery shop for Luzaween
  • search for and find a missing poster from the Homecoming silent auction
  • deliver the poster to the winner and collect his check
  • pick up my bike from Aggieland Cycling (I highly recommend them, their work, and their prices!)
  • put away the rest of the groceries and help get commune ready
  • commune
  • Jack FM and KORA promo team meeting
  • meet with my photography partner regarding our current bids and next wedding, plan to preview the new church tomorrow
  • have a nice glass of wine at Terrazo with Georgia, Matt, and McKinley

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